unbury.me is a loan calculator designed to help you get debt-free as fast as possible. Once your loan information is entered, you may set the total amount you're able to put towards loans in a month. If this amount is greater than the minimum you're able to pay on loans, the extra money is put towards one loan every month to eliminate it. Once a loan is paid off, the money that was previously going towards that loan is now put towards the next loan, and so forth.

The order of which loans are paid off first is either highest-to-lowest interest rate (Avalanche), or lowest-to-highest remaining principle (Snowball), depending on which you choose.

Put just an extra $100 a month towards your loans and see how much time and interest paid you save!

unbury.me is a loan calculater created by Jordan Santell.

Source code for the project may be obtained at github and is licensed under the MIT License.

If you have any comments, questions or feedback, let me know on Twitter @jsantell, or shoot me an email at !

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The total monthly payment is the amount you're able to put into paying off all of your loans every month.

See what difference in adding $100 more than the total of your loans' minimum payments makes!

Avalanche: Paying off loans with the highest interest rate first.

Snowball:Paying off loans with the lowest balance first.

While avalanche results in paying less interest, as well as being debt free sooner, snowball pays off individual loans faster, which can be motivating!

Depending on your loans, the outcome may be the same regardless of the method used.

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